GOSSIPSocialite Anita Fabiola allegedly abuses father, regrets why he gave birth to...

Socialite Anita Fabiola allegedly abuses father, regrets why he gave birth to her

According to a leaked phone call audio making rounds on social media, it’s hard to convince someone that it’s of Kampala beauty queen Anitah Fabiola and father Mr. Mugisha Mathias after fall out.

According to reports, the two are believed to have had a family misunderstanding, sparked off by Fabiola’s father thumping his son to coma. This did not leave Fabiola in her rightful senses, as she called him to insert sober senses into his head. Upon picking the call,  a bitter woman believed to be Fabiola is heard casting a variety of insults in Rukiga to a man believed to be her father.

You stupid coward, you’re so stupid.  You beat up your son ending up in ICU, what is wrong with you? Why are you so stupid? You stupid coward of an idiot, you dog how did you even give birth to me. she regretted.

Anitah Fabiola, during happy moments

Mugisha Mathias who happen to be a professional photo journalist, rushed to his Facebook account, updating his virtual community about what had just happened.

“I have to end suffering with this from my own children and their mentors.” He posted

The post didn’t leave Mugisha’s friends the same, as it was unusual of him to talk about terminating his own life. It was at this moment that he was put on a suicidal watch until  his mental state stabilizes according to close friends.



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