Shifrah, Sheebah Kalungi

A One Shifrah Kalungi Claims to Be Sheebah Kalungi’s Sister

Shifrah Kalungi confidently claims that she shares a blood relation with none other than the illustrious and highly acclaimed singer, Sheebah Kalungi.

While discussing her family ties, Shifrah Kalungi revealed the deep bond she shares with Sheebah, which originates from their common biological father.

The basis of her assertions lies in the fact that prior to her father’s passing, he had communicated to her that Sheebah was her sister.

In her interview, Shifrah Kalungi expressed her wish to not just meet Sheebah, but also to have a significant connection with her before making it known that she is currently living in a distressing condition.

She proceeded to reveal that she frequently dreams Sheebah while accompanying her to school, and expressed her desire to actualize this fantasy upon meeting the songstress.

Nevertheless, upon encountering the aforementioned video, singer Lydia Jazmine disclosed that the very girl had in the preceding year targeted her and claimed to be her sister too.

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Jazmine further stated that the bloggers whom Shifrah intended to engage with informed her, and responded swiftly. Subsequently, Shifah asserted that she had been coerced by an unidentified individual to orchestrate the entire situation.

The LJ singer proceeded to implore individuals in close proximity to Shifah to promptly admit her into a medical establishment, emphasizing the possibility of her suffering from a mental illness.


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