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A Pass advocates for gatekeeping in the Uganda music industry to curb subpar music

Singer A Pass Bagonza has advocated for gatekeeping in the Uganda music industry to avoid what he deemed stupid music.

Taking to X, A Pass revealed that Uganda is currently encountering too much subpar music as anything funny and stupid is considered music.

He noted that in the past, to have one’s music broadcasted on TV or radio it had to be top-notch but lately all one needs is to go viral, before questioning how the country’s music will tap into the global market with the kind of craft being distributed.

A Pass made it clear that he is not against the internet’s swirling low-quality music, but rather targets the lack of standards in traditional platforms like TVs and radios.

Furthermore, A Pass stressed that broadcasting excellent on TV or Radio helps the industry grow as it encourages those lacking quality songs to enhance their craft.

A Pass
We need a bit of gate keeping in the Ugandan music industry, too much stupid music out here. Anything funny and stupid is now a song. What is the standard ! Back then you had to have something good to be on radio or tv but nowadays all you need is to be viral & boom. #Olemwa

We need more good music playing on Radio, Tv and clubs naye Tuswala. How can Ugandan music compete on the world stage with this kind of music ! #TellMe

I am not here talking about what you listen to on the internet. I have been clear in my submission. Some of you need to learn to read. The internet can have as much garbage as it wants but our traditional media should have standards naye Tuswala.

If we all submitted songs and the best song gets played on TV or Radio it helps the industry grow in terms of quality material and it tells the one who doesn’t have the quality song to go home and improve, but if you play the bad song what precedent are you setting !

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