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A Person Raised in an Orphanage Has no Right to Talk about Somone’s Mother – Humphery Mayanja to Daniella Atim

Humphery Mayanja, the elder brother of singer Jose Chameleone, retaliated against the latter’s spouse after her recent revelation.

On Thursday, Daniella Atim’s revelation that she stopped her kids from visiting their paternal grandparents without her raised dust on the internet.

The mother of five added that her choice was influenced by the pressure her in-laws put on her regarding the kind of child they wanted her to have first.

Before the dust had even settled, Humphery Mayanja, whose relationship with Daniella appears to be strained, replied to her in a series of cryptic posts he shared on his Facebook account.

Daniella Atim, Humphery Mayanja

Humphery questioned the moral standing of someone who was raised in an orphanage to discuss someone’s mother.

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However, his assertions elicited conflicting reactions from internet users, and Humphery was compelled to delete the post as well as others that were addressed to Daniella.

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