MUSICAbeeka Band Joins Efforts with Mainstream Music, to Release First Single Dubbed...

Abeeka Band Joins Efforts with Mainstream Music, to Release First Single Dubbed “Danse Danse”

As a band, performing live music is like bread and butter. The Abeeka band has worked hard and has gone a hard yard and hit the music studio to record their debut song, which we all hope will be your masterpiece and always on repeat on your playlists.

Apart from delighting you with their finest live band sessions at various events and occasions, the all-boy band has raised the standard by hitting the road to showcase their musical innovation and production to fans.

Their debut single, Danse Danse, was written and produced entirely by the Abeeka Band, with polished beats and lyrics that evoke the movements and vibes of a music enthusiast.

It’s a song that everyone would enjoy dancing to during joyous occasions. It’s very danceable and enjoyable.

Abeeka Band

Everyone in the band contributed their finest instrument to the song’s production, making it more groovy and lyrical.

The words are easy and nice to listen to, and in the final chorus, they recognize exceptional artists.

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Kevin Sekasi, Allan Okia, Sebulime Michael, Lubwama James aka Pages, and Trevor Muhumuza’s boy band is proving their quite different ways of entertaining their fans by being a band that’s great in the studio by releasing their own music, a band that’s great on the live stage, and a band that’s amazing both on stage and off.

Only a few bands, such as Abeeka, are able to bring exactly what they record in the studio to the live stage.

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