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Alien Skin’s Music Camp Refute Rumors of the Singer Being Pelted With Human Droppings

Alien Skin’s music camp has vehemently denied the allegations that fans hurled droppings at him during his performance in Arua.

The denial comes in response to a video clip that surfaced on social media over the weekend, showing the artist being cleaned off what appeared to be faecal matter.

Sources close to the singer have come forward to refute these claims, asserting that the incident was a result of enthusiastic fans storming the stage and inadvertently touching him with mud due to the heavy downpour. They have dismissed the rumours of Alien Skin being pelted with faeces as baseless and malicious attempts to tarnish his well-deserved reputation.

According to these sources, the artist’s performance was met with an overwhelming response from the audience, who were eager to get closer to their idol.

The unexpected downpour during the show led to muddy conditions, causing some fans to unintentionally come into contact with Alien Skin while trying to express their love.

The singer’s camp has emphasized that Alien Skin holds his fans in high regard and appreciates their unwavering support.

Alien Skin

They have expressed disappointment at the spread of false information, urging the public to consider the context of the incident and not jump to conclusions.

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As the controversy continues to unfold, fans and supporters of Alien Skin have rallied behind him, expressing their unwavering belief in his integrity and talent. They have taken to social media to share their own experiences of his performances, emphasizing the positive and uplifting atmosphere he creates.

Currently, there has been no statement released by Alien Skin in relation to the matter. However, we will ensure to provide you with updates as soon as additional information becomes available.


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