NEWSAllan Kanyike Files Case Against Critics Who Referred to His Wife Juliet...

Allan Kanyike Files Case Against Critics Who Referred to His Wife Juliet Kyeyune as Man

City socialite Allan Gerald Kanyike has brought to the book critics who misinterpreted his wife to be a man.

On Tuesday, social media was washed off its feet by a man who was nubbed disguising himself as a woman to eat fellow men’s money.

A short while later, internet users revealed that Allan Kanyike, alias Dynamite, was one of the victims of the man who had been arrested.

The video, which showed Kanyike kissing, hugging, and dancing with a woman at one of Kampala’s hangout spots, solidified the buzz.

Upon crossing paths with the hearsay, Kanyike was left with a sour taste in his mouth, before taking the matters to Police.

In an interview with Bukedde TV, Kanyike mentioned how saddened he was to learn that his wife Juliet Kyeyune had been referred to as a man by unidentified people for reasons that are best known to them.

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He emphasized that investigations into the incident are ongoing and that he has already filed cases with the Naguru police and CPS.

The perpetually cheerful retired businessman stated that he wants whoever started the rumor to be detained and punished for damaging the reputation he has worked so hard to establish.

Allan Kanyike pleaded with his detractors to let him enjoy his retirement because he worked so hard to earn it.

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