Ameria Nambala, Tamale Mirundi Junior

Ameria Nambala drags Tamale Mirundi Junior to court over verbal attacks

Renowned singer Ameria Nambala has expressed her intention to pursue legal action against Tamale Mirundi Junior due to his continuous verbal attacks.

Ameria Nambala stated that Tamale Mirundi Junior has been targeting her family and children, despite these matters having no relevance to him.

She believes that there are individuals who are providing Mirundi Junior with information to attack her, although she is still unsure of the reasons behind it.

In response to Ameria’s allegations, Tamale Mirundi Junior has insisted that everything he has said about Ameria is true.

Ameria Nambala

He claimed that Ameria’s failed marriage was a result of her lack of discipline and indecent dressing, leading her husband to leave her for someone who could match his reputation.

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Tamale has further asserted that Ameria attempts to serve him with legal documents, but he remains confident that she will not succeed in winning the case.


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