Andrew Kyamagero

Andrew Kyamagero says he would rather sleep hungry than cook in front of his wife

Renowned media personality Andrew Kyamagero vows never to prepare a meal at his home in his wife’s presence.

While featuring in one of the online show series Bump Love, Andrew Kayamagero vented his frustration with women who don’t fulfill their responsibilities at home.

He noted that despite their busy work schedules, women ought to fulfill their obligations at their marital homes, including cooking among others.

Kyamagero pointed out that in case his wife requests him to prepare his own dinner, he would rather sleep on an empty stomach claiming that is not his responsibility.

Andrew Kyamagero

Furthermore, Andrew Kyamagero stressed that as a Muganda man, he wouldn’t fight his wife, but rather find alternative means of getting the good food he always wanted.

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In so doing, this could potentially wreck the marriage, as the man would find it hard to return to his wife who can’t prioritize him.


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