Anna Talia Oze

Anna Talia Oze Sends a Warning to a Follower Fond of Poisoning Her Dogs Before Robbing Her Clean

Media personality Anna Talia Oze has sent a warning to a social media follower who is fond of poisoning her dogs before making off with her property.

A few months back, Anna Talia Oze born Nambooze Annet went on maternity leave, where she welcomed her bundle of joy.

Her leave, however, was dealt a heavy blow, when thieves broke into her home for two months in a row.

Frustrated Anna revealed that the thieves who she thinks stalk her on social media, poison her dogs, and damage the wiring of her security fence before stealing her property.

Anna Talia Oze

Anna Talia took to Facebook, where she forewarned anyone fond of sabotaging her peace with her family to desist, as she will not be held responsible for whatever happens to him in the future.

In a space of two months, I have been robbed twice. Munjagazaki banange… I know the person doing this is following me here . You poison my dogs and cut my security fence wiring. Im soooo frustrated. Im warning you… Whatever is going to come your way donot blame me.
Anna Talia Oze


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