Azawi dreams of buying a luxury yacht and establishing her mansion on the waterfront

Swangz Avenue singer Azawi born Priscilla Zawedde expresses her desire to buy a yacht and spend the rest of her life on water.

Azawi made the revelation while appearing in an interview with her boss Benon, and she was tasked to reveal where she spends her money mostly.

According to the singer, she allocates a big portion of her money towards sneakers and movies, and she doesn’t care how much they cost.

She noted that she doesn’t solely depend on her music career, as she had an electronic shop where she invested her money. Unfortunately, the shop ceased operating after encountering some disagreement with her landlord.


Azawi maintained that her electronics store currently operates online, and plans to extend into shoes and clothing collection as she realized that there are very many people interested in her unique kind of style.

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Having established a strong revenue stream, Azawi plans to establish her home on the waterfront and buy a luxury yacht as she prefers spending most of her life on water.

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