Bad Black

Bad Black’s reflection on parenthood and reasons why she is not ready to have a 5th child

Renowned socialite and businesswoman Bad Black born Shanitah Namuyimbwa has opened up on why she isn’t ready to have more children.

Via her Snapchat platform, Bad Black revealed that raising children has never been easy, as one has to be mentally strong since the kids well being heavily relies on their guidance.

Additionally, Bad Black noted that she is raising four biological kids as well as three from other relatives, and footing their necessities like school fees reminds her of her strength.

She added that despite wishing to have more children, she is currently not ready or recovered from her youngest son Jesse’s birth as it early claimed her life.

Bad Black

Bad Black made it clear that she is taking her time to have her fifth child and plans to expand her family to as many as eight kids, though she is not sure if her age will let her fulfill her goal.

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Raising children is never easy first You must be mentally strong because they depend on Your guidance for our children needed and trying to understand them differently
Me raising Four of my children plus two and one of my sisters it’s Crazy 7 under my roof all schooling and providing everything make me feel how strong I am I am totally different when it comes to motherhood I wanted love and family
Family will forever come first the people who love me unconditionally
Need more children but not yet ready or recovered from Jesse’s birth it nearly claimed my life
Taking my time to have a child number 5 but I will to 8 tho emyaka.
May God bless all mothers and comfort those who lost them …. You people u own a special place n my heart


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