NEWS"Below 18 Never Step On My Stage" Cindy Sanyu Initiates Mother Roles,...

“Below 18 Never Step On My Stage” Cindy Sanyu Initiates Mother Roles, Orders Underage Performer Leave Her Stage

Many juvenile artists are inspired by their fellows to venture into music at an early age. To a greater extent, these kids have gained stardom, school bursaries, and many other benefits that come with being talented.

However, the outgoing UMA president Cindy Sanyu believes it is not safe for kids to leave school and start venturing into music at a very tender age.

During a performance at fusion auto spa Munyoyo over the weekend, Cindy initiated the motherly roles, upon noticing a young girl who was performing at almost midnight.

The concerned singer was so quick to advise the juvenile to leave the stage immediately, reasoning she was not ready to showcase the raunchy dance moves she was oozing out at that time.

Cindy Sanyu

The mother of two noted that she can’t support this young girl’s talent at her age, promising her to do so when she clocks 18+.

Cindy Sanyu revealed that there are very many untold stories artists go through backstage, that minors are not ready to pass through.

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The singer urged parents not to let their kids drop out of school, all in the name of exploiting their talents at a very early age.

Cindy’s action has since fathered divergent reactions from internet users, as some disagreed with the singer on grounds that these kids can balance school and performances.

Others, however, concur with the ‘Boom party’ star, as they heaped praise on her for fighting for the minor’s rights.

Take a look at the video below.

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