Bigirimana honoured with  top global leadership Award

Latest news reaching our desk have it that the Permanent Secretary (PS) and Secretary to the Judiciary Mr. Pius Bigirimana has won flagship award of honorary PhD in Leadership and Management.

Bigirimana received the award from the President of the Geofidel Institute of Leadership and Management U.K at Tomreik Hotel, Accra Ghana.
Mr. Pius Bigirimana after receiving the award
According to the organisers, Bigirimana’s new award (Doctorate Degree) is merit-based and in recognition of his outstanding public-sector service and numerous contributions to nation-building in Uganda and service to humanity.
“Today’s evolving business landscape requires highly skilled leaders who can navigate through the complex challenges and empower their teams to succeed. You’ll learn modern techniques to lead high-performance teams to add value and purpose to your organization through effective leadership strategies,” reads the invitation.
In his acceptance speech, the PS who has made a name out of his long- standing financial management acumen said he devoted his life to doing duties as a civil servant unaware that he be carefully recognized.
“I am honoured to stand here in a joyful and a wonderful moment of my life which has made me think about my life in a most profound way,” said Bigirimana.
“I am humbled to accept this meritorious award of honorary PhD in Leadership and Management. It is a validation of my belief that devoted attention to duty somehow always attracts unexpected and heartwarming rewards,” he added.
He briefly narrated his humble background that moved the audience.
“I was that barefooted boy, from the beautiful but remote Ugandan countryside of Kisoro district beneath the Virunga Mountains, who has grown up to become a Permanent Secretary.
“A Permanent Secretary is the highest-ranking non-political Civil Servant in the Ugandan Public Service. So, can an ordinary person without the sophistication, privilege and advantage of a noble birth rise to an elevated place of service to humanity? The answer is yes and if you have any doubt that it is possible look at me standing before you today.”
He said  as leader ought to demonstrate foresight of the future even in the most challenging environment by harnessing adverse predicaments for innovative intervention.


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