Biswanka, A Pass

Biswanka Claims Superiority Over A Pass in Crafting Hit Songs

Singer Biswanka Derick has bragged about being superior to A Pass when it comes to crafting hit songs.

While appearing in an interview with Sanyuka TV, Biswanka revealed that he can draw big crowds at shows compared to his critic A Pass.

He added that despite having a limited repertoire, each of his crafts carries superior capacity compared to A Pass’ songs.

Biswanka mentioned that his songs like “Rest of My Life” can’t be equated to A Pass’ hit songs like “Wuuyo” among others.

Alien Skin, Biswanka

The upcoming singer’s claims however have raised dust on social media, with many criticizing him for comparing himself to a prominent musician like A Pass who many deemed as a G.O.A.T

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However, the singer is unfazed by the criticism, as he continues to compare himself to many other established musicians in the industry.


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