Brown Shuga

Brown Shugar elated as “Good Lover (my mwami)” song gains popularity 7 years after its initial release

Former Sipapa Entertainment singer Brown Shugar is upbeat following her song “Good Lover (my mwami)” surging in popularity seven years after its initial release.

In 2017 while under ex-lover Sipapa’s management, Brown Shugar released the audio of her song “Good Lover” before the video in 2018.

At the time, the song didn’t gather the required recognition among music lovers for unknown reasons.

However, a few days back the song bagged tremendous acclaim on the video-sharing platform TikTok and currently it is one of the frequently used songs on the socializing application.

The song which expresses a woman’s unmatched love for her husband is dominantly used by women, to express gratitude to their partners.

Brown Shugar

“Good Lover” has already bagged over 27K posts on TikTok and still counting. Shugar has since expressed gratitude to the TikTok users, for boosting her career.

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Brown Shugar is not the first musician to witness their old songs trend, as Ronald Alimpa’s “Seen Don” song dominated the airwaves a few years after its initial release propelling him somewhere at the pinnacle of the music industry.

Have a look at the video below


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