Bruno K

Bruno K Elated Upon Regaining His YouTube Channel that Was Deactivated by Black Market Records

Former Black Market singer Bruno K is over the moon upon recovering his deactivated YouTube channel.

Bruno K and Black Market Records have been at odds for a long. He claims that the label orchestrated the deactivation of his YouTube channel and the nonpayment of his music royalties.

The conflict between the two parties stems from a violation of the agreement that Bruno K made with Black Market Records in 2020.

As part of their actions, Black Market took control of Bruno K’s YouTube channel and deleted all of his midi files.

Bruno K

Bruno K, however, has finally been able to claim what is rightfully his thanks to the assistance of his attorneys and specialists in music distribution.

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Bruno expressed his gratitude on Twitter and urged other singers facing similar issues with their record labels to not be hesitant but rather seek assistance from qualified individuals.

“Artists having battles with record labels, you should contact these guys they will help you. If you have a record label that stole royalties from you and refused to give you your share, these guys will help you. Black Market Records had taken everything from me and also wiped my entire catalogue off youtube. But the gentlemen mentioned above helped me get everything back. Glory to God.”


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