Bruno K, Vanessa

Bruno K Was a 2 Minutes Guy. He Never Satisfied Me – Vanessa Leaks Bedroom Secrets | AUDIO

Bruno K’s baby mama Vanessa has embarked on leaking her intimate moments with the singer.

One may assume that the DNA findings, which established Bruno K as Seth Kiggundu’s paternal father, quashed the animosity between the singer and his baby mama Vanessa.

However, this seems isn’t the case, as Vanessa has embarked on tainting Bruno K’s public image, by leaking their intimate moments.

In an audio making rounds on social media, Vanessa can be heard embroiled in a candid interaction with social media blogger Mc Richie during a live Facebook broadcast before getting into intimate moments she had with the singer.

Bruno K Vanessa

It is here that Vanessa expressed her disappointment with Bruno K, revealing that he couldn’t last for more than 2 minutes during sex.

She goes ahead to describe Bruno K’s bedroom tactics as lacking, before recollecting a moment when she sat on his lap and he ‘cummed’.

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Vanessa went on to say that Bruno K’s poor sex skills offended her, and she stormed out of his home, unaware that she had left with a pregnancy.

Listen to the Full audio below.


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  1. After all he managed to harvest something out of you which sex stars have failed to do despite the fact that they wast time and energy on you.

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