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Chosen Becky’s son Heather nursing a serious head injury after falling on a tiled floor

Singer Chosen Becky and Dictator Amir’s son Heather is nursing a serious head injury after falling awkwardly on the floor.

According to the singer, her son Heather fell on the floor as he attempted to jump midway through his playtime.

He hit his head on the tiled floor, which saw his head severely bruised.

He was rushed to the nearby hospital, where they spent four days and fortunately, Heather had a positive response to the medication and is currently recuperating.

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Chosen Becky urged parents to be vigilant about their kids, as they may encounter severe accidents that could claim their lives.

@chosenbecky Thank you for your prayers Heather survived a nasty accident on tails at home 🙏🙏. Contact @Cafe SOFRITO UG ♬ original sound – Chosen Becky


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