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Chosen Becky’s Son Hrim Kukiriza Sick, Grappling With a Rare Respiratory Condition

Renowned singer Chosen Becky finds herself in a state of despair as her elder son Hrim Kukiriza battles a rare respiratory condition.

The illness has caused her son, Hrim, to struggle with breathing for a while now due to an obstruction in his throat.

Since the onset of this ailment, Hrim has faced numerous challenges, making it a constant uphill battle.

Becky has been financially burdened as she tirelessly shuttles between hospitals in an attempt to find a solution for her son’s health.

Chosen Becky, Dictator Amir

Currently, Hrim’s life depends on a costly breathing machine, adding to the financial strain. Despite seeking medical advice from various reputable institutions and exploring different treatment options, nothing has yielded positive results thus far.

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In a plea for support, Chosen Becky took to her social media platforms yesterday, reaching out to her fans and fellow musicians, asking for prayers as her son continues to endure excruciating pain caused by this debilitating condition.


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