Relationships''Churches have been closed'' Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha on why he failed...

”Churches have been closed” Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha on why he failed to raise child support

Hours back, Sarah Nakuye dragged City Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha to court over failure to raise child support funds for his 11-year-old son. Ever since the two welcomed their son, Mondo has not been fulfilling his responsibilities as a father.

Pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha

She further explained that Mondo raised UGX300,000 for only two months as per the pledge he made at police three years back. After realizing that Kids are reporting back to school, Nakuye stormed the court with her son demanding Mondo Mugisha ‘s arrest since he has failed to meet his duties as a man.

When a local TV station contacted Pastor Mondo on a Phone call, his excuse was that ever since the governement ordered for church closure due to COVID-19, their earnings deteriorated.

Mondo who recently fleed the country explained that being a Pastor, his source of income was his church but ever since they were put out of service, he doesn’t have any source of income to give Nakuya and her Son.

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