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Cindy Sanyu Refutes Rumors Of a Potential Blu*3 Reunion, Says It Is a Business Collaboration

Cindy Sanyu dismissed rumours of a Blu*3 Band reunion, putting an end to the excitement and speculation among fans.

The announcement of the trio’s reunion event, dubbed “Blu*3 the Reunion,” had taken fans by surprise, as they eagerly anticipated the return of the highly successful girl group.

Blu*3, consisting of Cindy Sanyu, Jackie Chandiru, and Lilian Mbabazi, made a significant impact in the music industry since its formation in 2004 as they won numerous awards and had a dedicated fan base.

Addressing the development, Cindy Sanyu clarified that the band is not reuniting for a longtime commitment, emphasizing her current thriving music career and other commitments.

Cindy emphasized that their collaboration is primarily business-oriented, focusing on performing at various gigs that will bring them together.


The dancehall singer also revealed that they are eagerly anticipating their concert, which is likely to take place next year. The current events serve as activations leading up to the main concert in 2024.

When asked about creating new music, Cindy mentioned that they have plans to release two or three music projects. However, she believes that the existing Blu3 music is sufficient for their performances at any booked gigs.

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This suggests that while they may not be actively creating new music, they will still deliver the iconic hits that fans know and love.


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