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Come I Hire You to Paint My House Instead of Ranting on social media – Gravity Omutujju Hits Back at Isma Olaxes

Rapper Gravity Omutujju has called out social media critic Isma Olaxes to seek an employment opportunity at his mansion rather than ranting on social media.

On 27 February 2023, Gravity Omutujju through social media unveiled his yet-to-be-completed mansion located in Busabala.

While appearing in a Youtube interview, Gravity revealed that part of his mansion’s furnishings will be imported.

However, Gravity’s house has already raised dust on social media, with several suggesting that the singer should avail the house’s paperwork to prove it is his.

Gravity Omutuju

In a social media post made by Isma Olaxes, he stressed that Gravity parading off his house was aimed at drawing the media attention away from Chameleone’s concert, before questioning the essence of the singer showing off an unfinished house.

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Gravity Omutujju responded by assigning Isma Olaxes the task of painting his house rather than criticizing others online.

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