NEWSComedienne Akite Agnes Opens Up About Being Sexually Harassed By A Workmate

Comedienne Akite Agnes Opens Up About Being Sexually Harassed By A Workmate

If you thought celebrities are not sexually offended, you must think twice as the latest victim of this immoral behavior is standup comedienne, actress, and events Mc, Akite Agnes who is up to now in total distress upon being victimized by a workmate.

Akite Agnes was rubbed the wrong way by a workmate after her comedy show at one of Kampala’s spots ‘Cubana Lounge.’

Akite Agnes

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Even when she demanded an apology from her offender, the undisclosed chap told her she was overreacting and should relax before asking her what she was going to do.

The disgruntled comedienne revealed this through her Facebook, stressing that the act is common in society and its culprits usually get away with it thinking they are above the law, or women can never come out to talk about it owing to the fact that there is no evidence most of the time.

Akite Agnes
Akite Agnes

Akite vowed not to let her offender get away with it, as she is consulting the right people before taking her next step since she reaped dust when she demanded an apology.

The comedienne did not disclose the person in question, but we pray she gets the justice she deserves.

Sexual harassment is something that is very common in our society, and the culprits usually get away with it because they think they are above the law women never come out to talk about it because most times there’s no evidence and no one will believe them.

Last night at Cubana Lounge after my show, I was a victim, and the most annoying bit of it is that the culprit is someone I work with. When I told him off, he told me that I am overreacting and I should relax….the audacity!!!

I demanded an apology and he asked me, “What will you do? ”

The apology didn’t come, so I’m taking time off to cool down and think with clarity and make consultations with the right people before taking my next step.

Akite Agnes

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