D-Star of Hoozambe flies to Kenya for a music and media tour

Singer D-Star renowned for his widely spread song Hoozambe flies to Kenya for his music tour.

D-Star rose to fame following one of his songs Hoozambe going viral on the internet due to a challenge where he featured Shifura.

Since then, D Star has become the talk of the town, with his Hoozambe song making it to every music lover’s playlist.

As his song continues to dominate the airwaves, D-Star bagged a remarkable feat when he was booked for performances and media tours in Kenya.


Despite the ongoing RejectFinanceBill2024 in Kenya, the singer was undeterred, as he landed in the country yesterday before embarking on soaring his music career.

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He is expected to make several performances at bars and address his fans via some TV Stations and radio stations.


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