NEWSDaniella Atim Remarks on Husband Chameleone Clobbering a Boda rider, Calls for...

Daniella Atim Remarks on Husband Chameleone Clobbering a Boda rider, Calls for the Victim’s Justice

Jose Chameleon’s wife Daniella Atim has called for justice for the Boda Boda rider who was hit by her husband in a viral video clip.

Following the emergence of a video clip portraying Jose Chameleone clobbering a Boda rider for scratching his car on his way home in Sseguku, various personalities have come out to criticize the singer’s unethical act.

Joining the list is the singer’s wife Daniella Atim, who has taken to her socials to denounce her husband’s violent behavior.

Jose Chameleone, Daniella Atim

Daniella, renowned for being vocal regarding violence, appealed to the appropriate authorities to get involved and take action so that the Boda rider receives justice.

Zero tolerance for violence. justice for Boda victim daniella atim captioned via her instagram

Prior to the development, the deputy spokesperson of police while addressing the media stressed that they have already initiated investigations into the matter, and soon Chameleone will be held accountable for his violent actions.

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