Daudi Mugema stranded in a hotel in Gulu after failing to get medical aid from Gen. Saleh

Singer Daudi Mugema has revealed that he has been stranded in one of the hotels in Gulu, hoping for medical aid from Gen. Salim Saleh.

For several years, Daudi Mugema has been grappling with an unexplained ailment, which sees his feet swell.

After several tastes at Mulago Hospital, Mugema was made to believe that he was battling cancer and was flown to Turkey for specialized treatment.

However, the five medical tastes indicated that the singer had no signs of cancer, and returned to Uganda.

He contacted Gen. Saleh through an email, pleading for financial aid to get treatment, to which he responded, and pledged to meet the singer on the 24th of April 2024.

Daudi Mugema

Despite weeks of no response, Gen. Saleh referred Mugema to Mulago for a cancer diagnosis, where it was confirmed that the singer was cancer-free.

Mugema says he then returned to Gulu to seek Gen. Saleh’s solution to his problem, but the retired military officer hasn’t attended to him for over a month now.

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Daudi Mugema hence pleaded for the public’s intervention, to funds that would help him travel to his home village before he breathes his last in Gulu, highlighting his inability to foot the USD 30,000 to fly to India for treatment.


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