CELEBRITY NEWSDj Neptune Endorses Young Fashion-preneur Oscar Kampala

Dj Neptune Endorses Young Fashion-preneur Oscar Kampala

Nigerian star Imohiosen Patrick who is internationally revered as a disc jockey and Record Producer under the alias, DJ Neptune was in the country over the weekend.

Sources reveal to us that during his stay, DJ Neptunes was styled by the gifted hands of Oscar Nyesige of the Oscar Kampala brand.

Dj Neptune

The internationally acclaimed fashion-prenuer, Oscar Kampala is fast making bigger strides every other day on the international scene. Sources in Oscar Kampala’s camp reveal that Dj Neptunes is just one of many international celebrities that have reached out to Oscar Kampala for styling services whenever they plan to travel to Uganda.

“Oscar Kampala and DJ Neptunes have been talking for quite a while about his styling needs. When they met, Neptunes was especially elated that Oscar Kampala was young and heaving with talent. So their first conversation wasn’t even about the styling of the day, it was about DJ Neptunes asking questions in awe of Oscar’s capabilities,” a witness said in reference to Oscar Kampala’s meeting with DJ Neptune.

Dj Neptune

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Oscar Kampala got the chance to, yet again, style an international celebrity and as always, he stood up to the occasion.

The young stylist once again produced a masterpiece of an ensemble. Oscar managed to put together a number of outfits in quite a short time, much to the elation of DJ Neptunes.

“Oscar Kampala’s professionalism preceded him. He has mastered the art of standardizing his business delivery. Not many local stylists can attract international businesses because of the lack of consistency. Oscar has been a consistent young man ever since he broke into the Market. It’s no surprise that stars like American rapper Jidena trust him when they’re here,” explained a source who was in on the engagement of the two.

Dj Neptune

After the styling, DJ Neptunes was over the moon with his outfit. So much so that he profusely thanked Oscar Kampala, and blessed him for managing to build a high-caliber brand. Neptunes called upon different celebrities to support Oscar Kampala’s talent.

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