Don Nasser

Police on the hunt for Don Nasser over aggravated trafficking of a person and sexual exploitation

City socialite Don Nasser real name Nasser Nduhukire is on the run over cases of aggravated trafficking of a person and sexual exploitation.

According to reports, Don Nasser linked up with the victim whose identity is yet to be established in Kamwokya at one of the apartments.

The two spent two consecutive days using drugs and engaging in sexual activities before returning to the socialite’s home.

On the victim’s return to her parents’ residence, she was questioned, and she revealed that she was linked to Nasser by a mutual friend hence engaging in all the aforementioned activities.

The parents were left with a sour taste in their mouths, as they lodged a case against Nasser at Kira Road Police Station.

Don Nasser

Police’s attempts to arrest Nasser yielded no fruit, as he managed to leap over his fence and made off.

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The Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the allegations and urged Don Nasser to report to the Police and make a statement as investigations into the matter are underway.

@galaxytvug City Tycoon Don Nasser on the run following allegations of sex exploitation against a yet to be named victim. Kiira Rd Police has summoned Don Nasser. #GSpot | #Jikonkone ♬ original sound – Galaxy TV Jikonkone


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