Banina Chris, Dr. Lawrence Muganga

Dr. Lawrence Muganga Vows to Fund Banina Chris’s Musical Ambitions

Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga was impressed by singer Banina Chris’s musical prowess before vowing to fund him to soar his ambitions.

Banina Chris is a sensational singer behind songs like Like I Do, Body Language, Munakyalo, and Nze Amulina among others.

However, for a while now, Banina Chris’s name hasn’t been vibrant in the music corridors, for reasons best known to him and his management.

Renowned for his love for talent, Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga pledged to give a helping hand to Banina, in an effort to reclaim his position in the music industry.

Dr. Muaganda insisted that he didn’t sign Banina or want to profit from his music career, but rather to help him advance his musical ambitions.

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Dr. Muganga further noted that he has already embarked on fulfilling his promise by funding Banina Chris’s “Nze Amulina” music project and looking forward to releasing more songs in the coming few months.

Have a look Banina’s Nze Amulina song.


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