GOSSIPDr. T Amale at Loggerheads with Bizonto Comedy Group Leader for Exposing...

Dr. T Amale at Loggerheads with Bizonto Comedy Group Leader for Exposing his Secrets

Comedian Kafeero Tobby famously known as Dr. T Amale is currently not seeing eye to with his former workmates of the Bizonto comedy group.

A few days back, a voice recording from Dr. T pleading with one of his former coworkers Ssewanja Julius alias Ssabazonto to intervene in his dire situation leaked on social media.

In the audio, Dr. T could be heard revealing that crossing to support the ruling government he was sketching for a living but he was disappointed as he wasn’t given a penny.

Furthermore, he noted that he had already lost the support of the populace and couldn’t return to support NUP, before pleading with Ssabazonto to grant him a position should one become available in order to elevate his lifestyle.

Dr. T Amale

However, Ssabazonto shared the audio with various internet users, something which didn’t impress Dr. T Amale.

The comedian, who was incensed by the development, vented his frustration on Facebook by criticizing Ssabazonto for making their private messages public.

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It is here that Dr. T Amale disclosed that he had apologized to the Bizonto for their earlier fallout and that he didn’t expect them to rekindle their animosity.

He further noted that since he is one of the directors of the Bizonto comedy group, he is entitled to a 50% share of the profits, and if this is not granted, he will take legal action to seek redress.

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