Eddy Kenzo, Phiona Nyamutoro

Eddy Kenzo refutes rumours of dating Hon. Phiona Nyamutoro because of her political standing

Singer Eddy Kenzo has distanced himself from dating fiance Phiona Nyamutoro because of her Ministerial role in Parliament.

A few months back Eddy Kenzo publicly announced Phiona Nyamutoro as his new partner after parting ways with fellow singer Rema Namakula.

Eddy Kenzo’s revelation came at a moment when Phiona Nyamutoro had just been appointed the Minister of State for Minerals in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development.

This saw critics’ tongues wagging, with many claiming his decision to date Minister was influenced by her political standing.

However, while addressing the press, Kenzo put to bed the claims, asserting that their romantic affair started way back, before she attained the Ministerial role in the country.

Eddy Kenzo, Phiona Nyamutoro

Kenzo noted that they embarked on their romantic affair as she clocked 26 years, and she attained most of her political achievements during their time together.

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The “Stamina” singer made it clear that if it weren’t for Nyamutoro’s Ministerial position which necessitated her to meet the president with her family, the public wouldnt have known about their bond.

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