GOSSIPEmmanuel Lwasa Unbothered by Critics Suggesting that his Baby Mama Is Very...

Emmanuel Lwasa Unbothered by Critics Suggesting that his Baby Mama Is Very Old

Masaka-based businessman Emmanuel Lwasa is unbothered by critics suggesting that his baby mama is very old.

A few days after parting ways with Vanessa Vanny, Emmanuel Lwasa made his relationship with baby mama Florence social media official.

Social media was awash with photos that depicted the businessman having a beautiful moment at a wedding ceremony with Florence.

The videos that accompanied the photos portrayed Florence confessing how she is Lwasa’s wife and the two sired a 4-month baby together before vowing to render her wifely obligations despite the latter marrying several women.

Emmanuel Lwasa

However, Lwasa’s social media inlaws were not impressed with his pick of a woman, claiming she was too elderly compared to his ex-lovers.

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While appearing in an interview with Spark TV, Lwasa revealed that those saying the woman is old should stop because he is not young either.

When asked the woman’s age, Lwasa cheekily responded that authorities might arrest him for defilement on learning that he dated Florence because she could be 18 years.

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