NEWSEmmanuel Lwasa's Relationship with New Catch Haffie Ends Before Starting

Emmanuel Lwasa’s Relationship with New Catch Haffie Ends Before Starting

Masaka-based businessman Emmanuel Lwasa’s supposed fiance Haffie has distanced herself from having an affair with him.

On 25th January 2023, Emmanuel Lwasa paraded off his new catch whom he proposed to at his office in Ndemba.

During the proposing rituals, Haffie, a Kenyan national, revealed that she has been dating Lwasa for almost a year now before vowing to love him unconditionally and give him kids.

However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Haffie has come public and disclosed that ever since she posed as Lwasa’s fiance, she has never been at peace.

Emmanuel Lwasa, Haffie

While addressing the media, she stressed that her family, friends, and relatives have been criticizing her for falling in love with a man outside her religion.

Haffie made it clear that Lwasa’s marriage proposal to her was a stunt crafted by him to attain his hidden motives.

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The teary 28-year-old Haffie maintained that for the two months, she has spent with Lwasa, she has never slept with him for reasons she preferred to keep concealed.

She added that she hails from a wealthy family and wasn’t going after Lwasa’s money because he had never given her even a cent in exchange.


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