Equatorial Guinean Content Creator Napi Hit by a Ugandan Security Guard During a Prank Video Shoot

Equatorial Guinean content creator Jose Angel Napi Ondo renowned for his prank videos on various socializing apps is nursing wounds after being hit by a Ugandan security guard over a prank video.

A few days back Jose Napi landed in Uganda to soar his fan base and share ideas with fellow content creators.

However, midway through making some of his content in the guise of being a bad person, Jose found himself in a heated argument with security officials at Acacia Mall in Kampala.

While addressing the press, Jose revealed that he and a colleague had scripted a prank, requiring him to snatch food in the guise of being mentally perturbed.


Midway through the shooting, he was mistaken by the security, who thought he was sabotaging people’s activities at Acacia Mall premises.

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Despite his explanations, they ordered him to vacate immediately, and before he traced the exit one of them stuck him with a baton on the face leaving him wounded.


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