GOSSIPEtania And Lynda Ddane Friends Again

Etania And Lynda Ddane Friends Again

For weeks, NTV employees Etania and Lynda Ddane have not been seeing eye to eye following a conflict sparked by the former scandalmongering the latter.

Etania’s bad intentions towards Lynda Ddane were brought to light by Snapchat gossip queen Ssenga Acid, who shared screenshots showing how the NTV mix show host used to backbite her workmate.

Lynda Ddane

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Among other factors, Etania wanted Lynda fired from her job reasoning she was an absentee employee.

Lynda was shocked by Etania’s intentions which left her nursing a depression according to a story she shared with Kasuku.

She added that she had no problem with Etania, and was ready to meet her and iron out their differences if chance prevailed.

Lynda Ddane

Her request was put into positive consideration by the station management as the two hosted NTV The Beat show together on women’s day.

The two after the show hugged and laughed, as per the photos making rounds on social media.

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