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Evelyn Mic lodges assault case against Alien Skin

Evelyn Mic has taken legal action against Alien Skin, filing a case over an assault incident.

The Galaxy FM and Spark TV presenter shared that during the just concluded Zzina Carnival 2024 at Forest Park Buloba, she was physically attacked by the Fangone Forest singer near the stage.

Evelyn Mic expressed feeling mentally and emotionally harassed, manipulated, and disrespected.

Seeking justice not only for herself but also for others who have experienced similar mistreatment in the entertainment industry, she reported the incident to Buloba Police Station and initiated a criminal case against Alien Skin.

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Additionally, Evelyn emphasized that she has instructed her lawyers, Katende Ssempebwa & Co. Advocates, to diligently pursue the prosecution of the case until justice is served.

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Evelyn Mic has made the statement after several media personalities have come out and criticized Alien Skin’s actions.


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