Evelyn Namulondo, Children with autism

Evelyn Namulondo Celebrates Her Birthday With the Less Privileged Children Battling Autism

Renowned actress Evelyn Namulondo has earlier today celebrated her birthday in a unique way by spending time with underprivileged children.

She chose to celebrate her special day with children who have autism in Komamboga. Evelyn’s decision to spend her birthday with these children is proof of her kind and compassionate nature.

Evelyn was not alone in her mission to bring joy to these children. She was accompanied by other notable celebrities such as Irene Namatovu and Mikie Wine, who also share her passion for helping the less fortunate.

Together, they provided the children with essential items like salt, sugar, soap, and other daily necessities that are often taken for granted.

The children were overjoyed to receive these gifts, and their smiles lit up the room. Evelyn and her celebrity friends also took the time to interact with the children.

Evelyn Namulondo, Children with autism

The children were thrilled to have such famous guests in their midst, and they eagerly participated in all the activities.

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The highlight of the day was the cake-cutting moment, where Evelyn joyfully shared her birthday cake with the children. The children sang “Happy Birthday” to her, and she blew out the candles, embracing her new age while spreading happiness among the children.


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