NEWSEXPOSED: Sammie Manini Gay Deeds Put to Light | VIDEO

EXPOSED: Sammie Manini Gay Deeds Put to Light | VIDEO

TikTok sensation and influencer Sammie Manini real name Samuel Abaho’s gay deeds have been to light by a Twitter user.

Over the years, a section of Ugandans have been against homosexuality and on several occasions have cut ties with those that subscribe to the community.

Sammie Manini is one of those people who has consistently utilized their influence on social media to attack LGBT individuals.

On Friday 24th March 2023, a Twitter user known as ‘The Ignited’ shared a video, portraying Sammie Manini acknowledging being gay.

In a video shot by German broadcast powerhouse DW, Sammie Manini could be seen directing one of his customers whom he later ushered into his single-room rental for massage and happy endings.

Sammie Manini

Sammie notes in a candid interview with DW that his journey as a homosexual man in Uganda has been a bumpy one, recalling being detained for a month over his sexuality.

He was later bailed out by his relatives, who later disowned him upon finding out that he was gay.

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He embarked on living independently but kept moving since his life was in danger anytime the community learned of his sexual orientation.

Have a look at the video below.

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