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Fans Are Not Concerned About Your Childhood Trauma Keep It To Yourself – Cindy To Sheebah

Outgoing Uganda Musicians Associations (UMA) president Cindy Sanyu has urged nemesis Sheebah to keep her childhood trauma to herself.

Following minister Sarah Opendi’s concern about artists who indecently dress while performing for minors, Sheebah found herself in a weird spot.

Appearing in several interviews, Sheebah vowed not to revise her wardrobe but instead urged parents to groom their kids in a manner of their desire.

Sheebah further revealed that no one ought to question her dress code, owing non of her critics intervened when she was sketching her way to stardom.


While in an interview with Spark Tv, dancehall singer Cindy revealed that she is glad minister Opendi raised the concern about artists’ indecency in schools.

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Cindy noted that, unlike Sheebah, her indecency is only portrayed in bars and other places where she performs for adults.

The mother of two further cautioned folks against recording footage from the above-mentioned places and showing them to minors, adding that she’s not answerable for the consequences.

Furthermore, Cindy urged fellow singer Sheebah to keep her childhood stories and trauma to herself, because revellers are not concerned about her journey to stardom.

Cindy maintained that as UMA president, the association will embark on sensitising musicians on how to dress while addressing minors.

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