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Faridah Walden ‘The Pressure Ya Love Fame’ Reveals Why She Split With Chozen Blood

Patrick Musaasizi, famously known as Chozen Blood and Faridah Walden of the pressure ya love fame topped music charts in the early 2010s.

However, their music duo did not stand the taste of time as they fell out at the peak of their limelight on grounds Walden revealed when she was hosted on the NTV Mwasuze Mutya show.

Reminiscing the past years before her change of career from music to Midwifery, Walden revealed that she enjoyed every moment she shared with Chozen Blood.

Faridah Walden

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Their journey was full of bumps but they managed to overcome them until financial trials confronted them, tearing them apart.

Acording to Faridah Walden, she wanted to create a corporate brand, performing at top-notch venues which her partner Chozen Blood was not ready to take in as he welcomed peanut payments from small bars.

Chozen was hoodwinked by friends to venture into a solo career reasoning that Walden was against his success.

He hit the studio and released a song without Walden’s consent, and this was the last nail in the coffin.

Faridah Walden

Faridah Walden attributed their duo’s demise to primarily financial grievances and ideological dissimilarities.

It was after their split that Walden relocated to London, perusing studies in Midwifery, and graduated from Middlesex University.

The mother of one maintained that she is on good talking terms with Chozen Blood, and the two are looking forward to releasing a song together before jets back to London.

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