Payo Dat, Feffe Bussi

Feffe Bussi teams up with Payo Dat to release “Kyoyooyo” | VIDEO

Rapper Feffe Bussi teams up with Payo Dat to release a brand new song dubbed “Kyoyooyo”

“Kyoyooyo” is a breath of fresh air in the music industry, blending traditional Ugandan sounds with modern beats to create a unique and unforgettable listening experience.

Payo Dat’s smooth vocals complement Feffe Bussi’s fiery rap verses, creating a dynamic and engaging track that is sure to get listeners on their feet.

The collaboration between these two talented artists is seamless, with each bringing their own unique style to the table.

Payo Dat’s melodic hooks are catchy and infectious, while Feffe Bussi’s rapid-fire delivery adds an extra layer of intensity to the track.

Payo Dat, Feffe Bussi

Together, they create a perfect balance of melody and rhythm that is sure to resonate with fans of both genres.

Nessim’s expert production skills shine through in Kyoyooyo, with the track’s polished sound and crisp beats elevating it to another level.

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The video, directed by Jahlive, is a visual feast for the eyes, with stunning visuals that perfectly complement the energy and vibe of the song.


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