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Geosteady Exposes a Born-Again Company that Refused Working with Him for Being a Muslim

Singer Hassan Kigozi alias Geosteady has expressed his frustration with a company that adamantly turned down working with him for being a Muslim.

Geosteady embraced Islam at the beginning of 2021, changing his name to Hassan Kigozi before bidding farewell to his long hair.

The musician has been a devout follower of Islam since he made the decision to convert, and he completed the umrah pilgrimage to Mecca last year, a fundamental step in one’s faith.

However, based on the singer’s recent revelation, adopting Islam has affected his career as some companies have started refraining from working with him.


Through his Snapchat handle, Geosteady revealed that a few days back he rang one of the companies in the country to buy shares.

To his surprise, upon realizing that it was the singer, the company’s top official declined to deal with him on the grounds that their company is Born Again affiliated and they wouldn’t enjoy working with anyone outside their faith.

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Perplexed by the development, Geosteady wondered whether everyone ought to associate with people of the same faith, before questioning if God isn’t the same.

The “Owooma” singer insisted that because he has been using the company’s products for more than two years, he will not cease doing so.


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