GOSSIPGrace Khan Wages a Verbal War Against Critics Belittling her daughter |...

Grace Khan Wages a Verbal War Against Critics Belittling her daughter | VIDEO

Singer Grace Khan has waged a verbal war against critics that have been belittling her daughter Granah Illonah Aisha.

A few days back, Grace Khan shared a couple of photos of her daughter through her social media handles.

Upon sharing the photos online, the decision generated divergent reactions from critics, with some heaping praise on the little one.

Others, on the other hand, degraded the singer’s daughter, with captions that seemingly never settled well with her.

Grace Khan

Through a Facebook live broadcast, Grace Khan retaliated and issued a warning against critics disparaging her daughter to stop with immediate effect because she is innocent.

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The singer went on to stress that while she has always ignored her detractors, she can no longer do so when it comes to her daughter.

She maintained that she would defend her daughter at all costs and vowed not to involve the police because she could handle the situation on her own.

Furthermore, Grace Khan disclosed that she knows everyone attacking her daughter by location, and made it clear that she can physically confront them and exchange blows, before calling them out with all the obscenities she could think of.

Have a look at the video below.

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