Grenade Official, Jeff Kiwa

Grenade official vents frustration as former manager Jeff Kiwa earns all his music royalties

Singer Grenade Official born Deus Ndugwa has come out and claimed that all his music royalties are being earned by his former manager Jeff Kiwa.

While appearing in an interview with NBS TV, Grenade was asked if he has earned from the toils of his music career.

However, Grenade expressed his frustration, revealing that for some time, he had been exploited by the people he once trusted.

Grenade mentioned that particularly his former music manager at Team No Sleep Jeff Kiwa has been the sole beneficiary of his works.

Grenade Official, Jeff Kiwa

After discovering Jeff’s true intentions, Grenade embarked on recovering his music royalties a few months back.

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The singer went on to stress that reclaiming his music royalties is not an easy task to achieve, as Jeff Kiwa persistently tries to regain them, but he is determined to keep fighting for what rightfully belongs to him.

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