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Hackers Threatened to Blackmail me With a Doctored Sex Tape Unless I Paid them $5,000USD – Zambaali Blasio Mukasa

Next media news journalist Zambaali Blasio Mukasa recalls a stressful moment when hackers threatened to blackmail him with a doctored sex tape unless he paid them $5,000 USD.

Last month, Zambaali through a tweet issued a warning to his followers that his Instagram account with over 23.9 followers had been taken over by hackers.

Through multiple live video broadcasts, Zambali communicated with the hackers in an effort to get his account back, and they made him an offer to take over the account on their terms.

However, when Zambaali failed to adhere to the hackers’ demands of paying them $ 5,000 USD, they threatened to use the videos while he was chatting with them to doctor a sex tape that would ruin his public reputation.

Zambaali Blasio Mukasa

In an interview with Sanyuka TV, Zambaali admitted that this sent him into a panic mode, and that, in order to deal with his anxiety, he embarked on taking part in TikTok challenges.

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The NBS Barometer show moderator emphasized further that even after his account was restored with the aid of a team of experts, the hackers continued to make threats to seize control of it.

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