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Hassan Ndugga Accused of Making Off with Funds Raised by Well Wishers to Help Alimpa and Other Accident Victims

Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Nduga is accused of embezzling funds that were meant to aid those injured in an accident that cost three lives and left Alimpa and others hospitalized.

Towards the end of last month, singer Ronald Alimpa and his crew members were involved in an accident on their way to perform in Semuto.

Hassan Nduga was among the few good samaritans who rushed to the accident scene to save lives.

He drove the victims to Mulago Hospital, where they were admitted, using his car. To ensure that the patients received the necessary care on time, he continued to raise money from well-wishers.

Ronald Alimpa, Lady Grace, Ragga Fire

However, the sister of Ragga Fire and his brother, claims Hassan Nduga made off with the funds collected from well-wishers to pay for their patients’ medical expenses.

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They added that In spite of Mama Fiina giving Nduga UGX 1M to aid with some medical costs, the singer only availed them with only UGX 100,000.

Since they lack the resources to cover the patient’s medical expenditures and already have other sick family members at home, they pleaded with well-wishers to take action.

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