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He Once Gave an Old Woman Our Monthly Savings Worth UGX70,000 – Zuena Recalls As She Celebrates Bebe Cool’s Birthday

Zuena Kirema has revealed that her husband Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool once gave out their monthly savings worth UGX70,000 to an old woman.

As singer Bebe Cool celebrates his 45th birthday, his family, fans and followers have joined him to make the day count.

In a special way, his wife Zuena Kirema took to her socials, jotting the specialities that make the husband a unique human with a heart of gold.

Zuena noted that they never luck at home because of Bebe and all they can do is to keep him in their prayers.

She went on to recall almost 20 years back, when she teamed up with her husband to save some money for a month, in order to have a good time together as husband and wife at one of the beaches in Uganda.

Zuena Kirema, Bebe Cool

The pair managed to accumulate UGX 70,000, from which they deducted UGX20,000 to fuel their car.

As they cruised on Entebbe road on their way to the beach, the couple noticed an old woman who was bargaining with a Boda Man.

Bebe Cool pulled off the car, to intervene in the matter, and learned that the old woman was stranded on the streets as her daughter’s phone was off.

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To Zuena’s surprise, Bebe gave the lady UGX 50,000 meant to facilitate their stay at the beach to cater for her transport back home in case she doesn’t meet her daughter.

It is at this point that Zuena realized how amazing Bebe Cool was. She noted that she is glad to call Bebe her husband and prays that he continues with such a giving heart.

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