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“He Slept At My Manager’s House For 1 And Half Years” Bruno K Opens Up About “Muwunya” Boy

On Thursday morning, photos of one of the boys of the “Muwunya” fame in a very worrying state took social media by storm.

According to the boy, he accused singer Bruno K of using their fame to solicit funds and abandoning them.

He further noted that when he sought help from the singer, he cut off communication and blocked him.

Upon Bruno K crossing paths with the boy’s claims shared by a Twitter user, he was so quick to pour cold water on the allegations.

Bruno K, Muwunya Boys

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Bruno Kiggundu alias Bruno K stresses that his manager accommodated the boy for one and half years at his home in Nsambya.

My manager housed him for 1 and half years at his home in Nsambya. He was never chased from Nsambya he simply left to start a new life. We told him to go back to school he refused. But he kept calling me asking me for money yet I also had issues to fix.

Bruno K

He further notes that even after securing a scholarship to go back to school, the boy turned down the offer on grounds that he preferred singing, and starting a new life in Kampala.

Upon ends failing to meet in the city, he embarked on calling Bruno K to facilitate him financially to foot his accumulated rent arrears and starting up a business.

Bruno K, Muwunya Boys

The father of one furthermore points out that he couldn’t meet the boy’s requirements at the moment, since he has a life and responsibilities to meet.

After realizing that the boy had essayed blackmailing reports on social media to win public sympathy, Bruno K cut off communications with the former.

“Muwunya” boys rose to stardom in 2021, following Alex Mukulu’s negative remarks during the Yolesa Ekitone Talent search competitions that aired on BBS TV. Wuwunya is translated to mean you’re smelling.

This is not the first time Bruno K is reaping dust from helping those in need, the most recent is singer Oscar, who accused him of swindling his money.

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