RelationshipsHeavily Pregnant Karole Kasita Cunningly Reveals the Father of her Unborn Baby...

Heavily Pregnant Karole Kasita Cunningly Reveals the Father of her Unborn Baby | VIDEO

It’s no longer a secret that singer Feffe Bussi is responsible for fellow singer Karole Kasita’s bulging pregnancy.

At the start of this year, Feffe Bussi’s secret romance with Karole was brought to light in a leaked audio recording that portrayed the pair promising themselves heaven on earth.

In an unexpected turn of events, the duo released a song dubbed “Ebyo Byoli”, leading internet users to believe it was a ruse the singers had concocted to boost sales of their joint project.

As time went on, internet users discovered Karole was pregnant, but the identity of the baby’s father remained a mystery.

Karole Kasita, Feffe Bussi

Some, however, drew attention to Feffe Bussi and suggested that he was the biological father of Karole Kasita’s unborn child, despite the two ruling out the allegations.

After the couple became weary of dating secretly, they recently made their affair public during a performance at a Comedy store.

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The deeply in love couple referred to each other as “babe” and complimented themselves on a wonderful performance before hugging before the cheers from fans at the fully packed Comedy Store.

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